The career of FUNPLASTICA ( Dirk & Ully ) begins ' 92 in Thailand on Koh Pha Ngan, a tropical island with splendid beaches, international travelers and tolerant thai locals. The right place and the right time to go for Trance Parties.Quickly we were delighted by these free and uncommercial underground events and the new psychedelic sound. We wanted to take part in this sprouting subculture. This unique atmosphere was stimulating our creativity and imagination and so we started to produce UV deco. In the next few years we were experimenting with different materials, making experiences in decorading and were painting our first fluoro backdrops.

After this time of autodidactic education, we moved our base in ' 96 back to Germany. We developed our own method in designing and painting, discovered our soft spot for Mandalas and psychedelic patterns (optical design) and extented our deco with several UV flags. With this stock of paintings and flags we got easily in contact with the party scene and could present our deco at many events.

2000 we turned our ' hobby ' into occupation and now we are approved as selfemployed deco artists by KSK . According to this, our deco art is getting more professional as well. We are designing all motives just by ourselves and have developed our own psychedelic style.We are varying a theme in up to 20 backdrops, which all together make a deco set. So a harmonic and complete decoration, with one statement, will be achieved to reinforce the party motto. Further on the paintings are arranged in different common sizes and shapes by following a system so they can easily fit in any location.

So far FUNPLASTICA took part in many Open Air Events and Indoor Parties in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Denmark, Swiss, Austia and Thailand. We are looking forward to keep on sharing our psy art with trance-lovers around the globe.