Deco Concept

FUNPLASTICA has specialised in UV PAINTINGS, which can be arranged in several DECO SETS.With altogether more than 140 BACKDROPS, which we have painted in FLUORO COLORS according to own designs, we can offer a wide range of PSY ART.

The respective paintings of a set vary on a theme, colors and forms are balanced whereby a harmonic unity of all deco pieces is achieved. But further on, the backdrops are designed individually and with many details, an exiting and stimulating effect is obtained. As well, the paintings are arranged in different sizes and shapes, and so they are fitting easily in any location. The different deco sets are forming their very own and special atmosphere.Some sets are created in an abstract psychedelic Mandala style which allows a free interpretation and is also suited to any party motto. Other sets, at first sight, show geometric abstract forms and patterns, but by looking more carefully, fantastic poping up creatures and hidden figures can be discovered.

At OPEN AIR PARTIES the backdrops can be used to cover the DJ stage, to decorate the Chill Out tent and to beautify the bar/s. For INDOOR PARTYS the deco sets are very convenient, because easy to form a nice stage with the paintings and to cover the walls.

IN ADDITION we can offer many different UV FLAGS (not all on our web site).The praying flags lines ( 240m in three styles) and the zig-zag-hangings ( 160m in several, combinable designs) are fitting well between the poles of a dance floor at an OUT DOOR EVENT and can be tightened INDOOR between the walls, above the bar/s and in the corridor. The triangular banners ( 48 pcs.) are matching in design and style with the flags and can be placed on top of the poles, the stage or at the entrance of a location.

FUNPLASTICA DECO intensifies the special flair of any Trance Party, reinforces the psychedelic effect of the music, offers entertainment and beauty, stimulates imagination and invites to new associations.